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    Experience the world from above

    Fly Koh Larn is made up of a number of passionate and experienced paragliding professionals. Together we have over 50 years of flying experience and have flown in many countries around the world. We wish to share our passion for the sky with others by offering tandem paragliding flights as well as solo pilot training. Most of our activities take place on the beautiful island of Koh Larn which is located around 2 hours drive south east of Bangkok.




  • Come join us for a Tandem Flight Experience you will never forget!

    'For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return.' 

    Leonardo da Vinci

    Anyone can fly!

    10 year old boy takes to the sky!

    This young man was elated after his first paragliding flight. He was smiling for days afterwards and now he is keen to learn to fly solo.

    Experienced solo pilot

    Smooth ridge soaring above the beach

    This is a video of an experienced pilot soaring back and forth in the dynamic lift created by the wind moving up the face of the hill.

    Experienced solo pilot

    Smooth ridge soaring above the beach

    This is a video of an experienced pilot soaring back and forth in the dynamic lift created by the wind moving up the face of the hill.

  • Visiting Pilots

    We can take care of all your needs....you only have to think about flying and having fun...we can provide packages for visiting pilots that includes airport transfers, accommodation, site fees, ferry transfer to the island, site guidance all from 105 Euros a day. Just hit the contact us button for more information or for group discounts.

    Easy and well developed take off

    Top landing possible

    Cosy accommodation

    Clean rooms, ac, hot shower, wifi

    4km of ridge to soar

    ....and a lovely beach to land on

    Spectacular views of the island

    ....and we have our very own monk to look after us!

  • Fly Koh Larn Paragliding Course Dates

    Come join us for some top class training in the most beautiful parts of Thailand.

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    Paragliding or Paramotor...you wont regret it!

    Solo Pilot Package - Daily
    $1,700.00 - $2,000.00
    We offer a package for qualified solo pilots who want to visit and fly on Koh Larn. The package includes the following; accommodation, motorbike rental, site fee, transport from landing back to take off and site guidance. Simply select the number of days that you want to stay when you place the order.
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    Solo Pilot Training ParaPro 2
    This course is your first step into the world of paragliding. Here we set the foundation for your flying career and focus of course on attitude, safety, ground handling, equipment, weather assessment and some small flights. Everyone learns at their own pace so we are relaxed on the number of days for this training but normally within 5 - 7 days most people reach the required standard. We provide all equipment needed to complete this course.
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    Tandem Paragliding Flight - 10 minutes
    $2,550.00 - $3,050.00
    Enjoy the amazing scenery from above and get a unique experience that leaves most people in total awe. The breath taking elation that floods your heart and your soul as your feet leave the earth behind is something not to be missed.
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  • FAQs

    First questions about paragliding! If you have further questions do not hesitate to contact us


    What is paragliding?

    Paragliding is a sport that emerged from skydiving around 35 years ago. We take to the skies using nothing but the power of mother nature and climbing on rising air in the seem way a bird soars above the earth. The equipment we use has evolved from basically what were skydiving canopies to something much more complex and of course much safer!!!

    Who can fly?

    Just about anyone can fly. As long as you can run a few steps we can get you into the sky and back onto the ground in a safe and controlled manner. There are a small number of medical conditions that would stop you from flying such as back problems or pregnancy. If you have questions then just drop us a message.

    How do I start?

    If you think you would like to learn then just drop us a message or give us a call and we will happily discuss the proper course that you need to take. We follow the training program as set out by the international organisation FAI (http://www.fai.org/index.php). This ensures we are following the latest training and safety guidelines.

    Is paragliding dangerous?

    As with any sport there is an element of danger. With the correct training, equipment and pilot attitude you will have many years of incident free flying. There is a risk of injury or even death but this extremely rare and paragliding is safer than many other sports around.

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